Toaster Oven Reflow Recipe

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A standard toaster oven does a great job of reflow soldering. This recipe uses an unmodified oven and is a mixture of times & temperatures that I have found works very reliably.

Set the oven to “toast” setting, ie full setting on both elements, and use the middle shelf. Arrange the temperature probe so it lines up on the shelf. Then …

  • Preheat to 80C, place board(s)
  • Switch ON
  • @ 140C, switch OFF
  • @ 45sec, switch ON
  • @195C, switch OFF
  • @45sec, Open the door and fan to 100C

I’ve thought about modifying the oven to run automatically but there are some insurance/regulation issues, though I’m also thinking reprogramming one of those wifi wall switches which would get around those problems. In the meantime this works well enough for my needs.

There’s a couple of cuts in the video for bevity, the full process is about 5 minutes.

The procedure results in quite a nice reflow curve looking like this.

Reflow curve image